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Sub-Zero Viking Repair in Seattle

Get your freezer running smoothly again! With our exceptional services, you can be sure to receive top quality freezer repair with your appliance. We provide our services to ALL refrigerator brands from manufacturers such as SubZero, Viking, Wolf, Bosch, LG, Maytag, and many others. Our company strives to provide FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT repairs to our customers.

Why it’s important to freeze foods

If used properly, freezers offer safety and convenience, as they allow families to prepare inexpensive frozen foods, store foods in a fresh environment and decrease contamination by bacteria. Please make sure that your freezer always maintains a temperature of approximately zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. This is to ensure that your food is kept at the appropriate temperature to remain frozen.

According to the FDA, keeping food frozen at these certain temperatures cannot only ensure safe storage but prevent the growth of bacteria as well, such as Salmonella, E. coli O157: H7 and C. botulinum which causes botulism.

You can refer to the FDA food storage times chart for more information.

Common Freezer Issues We Handle

Our technicians at Seattle Fridge Repair is able to conduct any type of repair as long as the repair is not limited by the unavailability of parts from the manufacturer.

Be sure to call us at (206)-503-9431 if you notice any of the following:

Freezer is not powering on

Make sure that your appliance is plugged in, its power switch is on, and its breakers are functioning properly? If you have checked all of the above, and your freezer still fails to function properly,

Call on a professional for help! 

Freezer overcooling

Overcooling of the freezer can create unwanted frosting. If frost forms in or on the pipes of your cooler, be sure to get help right away, as it may be a symptom of a serious technical failure that could lead to further complications with your refrigerator.

Freezer undercooling

A freezer that is not cooling is probably the single most common issue with freezer repair. It is also one that has many possible symptoms. First, check to see if the door of your freezer is/was open for extended periods of time. Second, have you adjusted the temperature controls of your gadget? Is there a visible/audible gap in the seals within your freezer doors? !!!An easy way to check your door seals is to place a dollar bill halfway into your freezer and close the door. If you can easily pull out your bill, your door seals are defective!!!

Freezer emits unusual sounds during operation

Abnormal noises coming from your freezer could be a sign of a compressor and or engine failure. If left alone, this could even lead to a fully unrepairable freezer and would require you to buy a new one. We can help you save money and time by repairing your freezer ASAP.

Do not be the person above. CALL SEATTLE FRIDGE REPAIR at (206)-203-2665.

Temperature Inconsistency.

Major temperature ranges for your freezer may cause food spoilage forcing you to purchase new food. Seattle Fridge Repair will fix whatever issues you have with your freezer to ensure your food stays safe and sound.

Please note that all repairs should be conducted only by a Seattle Fridge Repairman, as DIY repairs may further worsen the problem. Most of our services involve dangerous procedures that could be lethal if used improperly.

At Seattle Fridge Repair, we strive to provide you with only the best quality parts such as:

An example of a typical refrigerator with its wide assortment of parts.

Door Seals



Defrost timers and heaters


Evaporator Coils

Evaporator fans


Overload protectors

Door switches







Defrost control timers




Seattle Fridge Repair promises to provide you with FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT services to save you time money and mental health.

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