How should your Sub-Zero refrigerator work?

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Q: How exactly does a refrigerator work?

A:  All cooling appliances use a refrigerant (most often freon) in an evaporation process that absorbs heat from the insides of the refrigerator, lowering the temperature. The freon goes through 4 main parts in which it changes stages and cools the refrigerator. At the beginning of its cycle, freon is located in the compressor, where it’s heated up into a gaseous state. Next, it moves on towards the condenser for the next stage of the cycle. The condenser which contains the cooler temperature of the kitchen cools the gas down into a liquid. The freon then continues along its path, cooling down even more. This creates a high-pressure liquid form of freon. At this stage, freon goes through the condenser coils to cool down. After the liquid freon goes through the coils, it evaporates to gas and repeats the process starting from the compressor.

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Q: How cold should my refrigerator be?

A: On average, your refrigerator should have a temperature of approximately 36° to 38° Fahrenheit. If not, try to fiddle with the temperature controls to see if you changed anything. Your freezer should also maintain a consistent temperature less than or equal to 0 depending on your needs. If you notice your freezer, refrigerator working in abnormal temperatures, call Seattle Fridge Repair immediately, as we will try our best to come ASAP to prevent your food from spoiling.


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