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Have you ever struggled to pick the refrigerator just right for you? Do you always buy the top of the line Wolf refrigerator, freezer or cooler? Or are you one who will settle for anything, as long as its cheap? Regardless of who you are, you have come to the right place. Here at Sub-Zero Viking Repair, we offer not only the best on par refrigerator repair services in the greater Seattle area, we also provide invaluable information about choosing the fridge that is just about right for you.


Consider the primary function

When people face multiple choices, choosing the right one can be a serious challenge for anybody. Here At Sub-Zero Viking Repair, we encourage you to pause a little from all the fantastic refrigerators out there like Samsung, or LG, and instead concentrate your thoughts on what you need it for. What is the reason for you purchasing a refrigerator, is it for your businesses lunches, or your midnight snacks? Is it for frozen meats? Is it for your summer treats? Different types of refrigerator serves best for one or some particular types of food. With that in mind, you will be much more successful in the purchase of your refrigerator, freezer or cooler.

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Consider the volume required

Since ancient times, many have believed that big is better, but in our time, with the combination of technological advances, volume in most cases doesn’t add that much value. We strongly advise you to consider the relative roles for your newly purchased refrigerator. For example, high-end commercial appliances, such as Sub-Zero refrigerators, tend to take up lots of space, while cheaper options such as the GE Profile specialize in smaller and more efficient refrigerators that may not look as fancy as others. We advise you to take deep consideration of these criteria when picking your new refrigerator, freezer or cooler.

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The efficiency of unique features

With years of experiences in the high-end refrigerator repair field, our technicians have seen countless refrigerators, that all come with unique and features. Some of the high-end appliances, such as Viking or Wolf, expensive and hard to find replacement parts. Our experts say this plays an important part on the overall cost of the repair. Sub-Zero Viking Repair  also encourages you to support the environment by recycling your old refrigerator.

Observe the temperature range!

While each refrigerator comes with it’s own trademark features, they also tend to work at the maximum efficiency level at certain temperature ranges. Most regular home based refrigerator like Wolf, Viking and Sub-Zero, work around the 0 degree Celsius range, some advanced coolers however, work best at relatively low temperatures but are very inefficient at relatively high temperatures. Consider the primary usage and the content will be stored before making a purchase.

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