How to take care of the refrigerator during winter

High-end home appliances

High-end home appliances make our life comfortable and convenient. Proper use of home appliances and as refrigerator winter care in your home is very important to significantly reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your home appliances especially refrigerators. Carefully read the manufacture’s instructions for using a particular device, as you will often find instructions on how to use the device most effectively. Remember that every step you take indirectly also protects the environment, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. All the steps taken, create a cumulative effect in terms of energy savings and thus cost-saving and good refrigerator winter care. A refrigerator is a perfect place to put away ready meals, fresh and canned foods, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and drinks. Refrigerator maintenance during the winter is very important if you want your fridge to last as long as possible.


Four easy steps to enjoy high-end appliances longer

  • Keep the fridge in place so that there is sufficient ventilation space between the back of the unit and the wall is 10 cm to prevent overheating and therefore increase electricity consumptionSubzero recommendations are that do not place the fridge next to the stove, radiator, and other heat sources – it will take much longer for the fridge to reach operating temperature.
  • Perhaps most importantly, it is all about fridge hygiene during the winter. It’s a piece of household appliances that works all the time, and more importantly, we store food in it. You must maintain your fridge properly. Before any maintenance or cleaning, disconnect the refrigerator or unplug the power cord from the socket electricity. Occasionally clean dust from the back of the refrigerator where heat is drawn off but careful not to damage pipes. Do not use steam cleaners because this can be dangerous. Clean the exterior of the fridge and door whit a damp one cloth and wipe with a soft cloth. Defrost the refrigerator on time (when the ice thickness reaches 3 to 5 mm) to save energy and extend the life of the unit.

Tip for refrigerator winter care

  • Before you open the fridge door, think about what you need and do not keep open for longer than necessary. When closing the refrigerator door, make sure that you close it properly. It is good if your fridge has a door alarm, as it turns on when the door is open for more than 3 minutes.
  • Refrigerator maintenance during the winter means that you maintain the optimum temperature in your refrigerator because temperature affects the rate of development of microorganisms. At reduced temperatures, these processes take place slower. What is also important in refrigerator maintenance is to place the thermostat in the middle position. Lower temperatures, not necessarily, mean better food storage and energy consumption can increase by 10-15% during the winter. The temperature in the fridge rises when the door to the unit opens more often. The longer they stay open, when more food is put in, and when the room temperature in which it is located is high. Do not place hot or warm dishes in the refrigerator. Before you plan to freeze warm food, cool it to room temperature and then refrigerate because this will prevent food spoilage.


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