Leaking Refrigerator Repair: Part 2

leaking refrigerator

The most diligent appliance in the home, the refrigerator is something you can’t live without. On the off chance that you have a leaking refrigerator, don’t surrender – we can help. We’ve collected a list of the most well-known parts that can cause a leaky fridge. You can utilize this information to better understand what is wrong with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, cooler. This article will give you access to considerably more information about the problem(s) with your appliance.

Ice Maker (part)

ice maker with tray


Our technicians say that from experience, the ice maker is oftentimes the first part to break after the purchase of a new Sub-Zero refrigerator or Viking refrigerator. After all, a small integrated ice maker is held to similar expectations to that of a separate ice machine! A regular refrigerator ice maker produces approximately 3.5 to 6.6 lbs of ice per day. However, an ice maker tray will only hold 4-11 lbs of ice per day. This is why the ice maker should shut off after the limit of ice has been reached, to prevent a leaking refrigerator.

An exceptional good ice maker, such as in a Sub-Zero appliance, produces about 8 to 10 ice cubes every 90 minutes. This makes for 16 cycles a day, in other words, 130 ice cubes every 24 hours. If that is not enough, which is the case for most vendors, we recommend purchasing a Sub-Zero ice machine. The main issue that could be branching off of your ice maker is ice dispensation itself. Cubes can stick together, forming a giant lump of ice. They can also be too small, or just not be produced at all.

Ice Maker: What to suspect

If your ice maker doesn’t produce ice or makes very small ice cubes, the main issue is a lack of water, due to an interrupted water fill system. First, examine the fill tube and fill cup to ensure they are not frozen. If you do see that the fill tube/cup are frozen, make sure that no unfamiliar objects disrupt water from flowing into the fill cup. If no foreign objects block the water flow, then the issue is with the inlet valve/tubing. However, this repair requires a licensed refrigerator technician for obvious safety reasons


– Customers rate this repair as EASY
– 15 – 30 minutes

Other Leaking Refrigerator Issues

In this series of blogs, we’ve mentioned the most common issues/parts that can cause a leaky refrigerator, freezer. Of course, there are other parts that can be at fault, which is why only certified technicians should conduct an appliance repair. Please contact us for more information on certified refrigerator repairs.

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