Sub-Zero Framework: Pre-Repair

Viking Built-in Refrigerator repair


A successful and effective refrigeration repair framework begins with the correct plan. With over 27 years of joined repair knowledge outlining mission-basic refrigeration frameworks with equipment from all major manufacturers, Sub-Zero Viking Repair is a master at looking into all kinds of repairs.

Give our company a chance to fix your Sub-Zero or Viking refrigerator, freezer or cooler with their huge experience in the field. We guarantee that the work performed by your chosen refrigerator repairman will be as FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT as could reasonably be expected. By selecting Sub-Zero Viking Repair as your refrigerator repair contractor, you build a bridge of trust with specialists who are not one-sided towards any brand of refrigeration or the profit of the company. Moreover, they will try their best to advise you on how to save your money.

Since you are putting a considerable measure of cash in your new or used refrigerator, freezer or cooler. Doesn’t it make sense to have our factory certified repairman provide you with the best service in the greater Seattle area?


Your high-end freezer, cooler or refrigerator is too enormous of an investment to leave anything to risk. First of all, you have to know the problem with your refrigerator. Only then can you decide whether or not you would like a repair done. That is why we require our technicians to have a clear communication strategy with our clients. This eliminates miscommunication and makes it easier for both parties to come to an agreement. With the ever-increasing complexity of refrigerators and freezers, repairs are sometimes In the past couple of years, some high-end refrigerators and freezers went through major makeovers with some having up to 3 motherboards! (That’s 3 times more than there is in your average PC). However, every refrigerator repairman at Sub-Zero Viking Repair goes through technical training at least every 6 months. This ensures that we stay up to date with technologies and maintain our professionalism.

With Sub-Zero Viking Repair you get:

Pre Sub-Zero Repair Details

  • A professional service call and diagnostics
  • An approximate price for the repair
  • A call from a factory licensed repairman around 30 minutes prior, confirming the repair and location
  • A trustworthy business two customer relationship
  • An enjoyable experience with no hassle and/or hidden charges
Give Sub-Zero Viking Repair a chance to repair your refrigerator and fix your daily problems

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