Refrigeration Maintenance: Do it NOW!

refrigerator maintenance

A typical practice today is for clients to exploit the “free” plan benefits that are offered by their refrigerator, freezer manufacturer. You have probably heard the proverb, “You get what you pay for.” Based on our experience with most freezers, coolers, and refrigerators, we know this is true.

A refrigerator manufacturer’s first priority is to maximize the potential of their appliance repairs. Who guarantees that your Sub-Zero Viking refrigerator is up to date? Who tends to your refrigerators maintenance?

We know as a matter of fact that if your appliance condition isn’t kept up, it won’t perform to your standards. In fact, recognizing problems with your refrigerator as soon as they pop up is much less expensive than fixing them when they are a full-blown mess. The advantages of a solid refrigeration maintenance far outweigh the small additional cost.

At Sub-Zero Viking Repair, there is no bias towards any system or brand. We have worked with almost all types of refrigerator, freezer, cooler repairs. Our 27 years of experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t. All of our technicians are factory certified repairman in the Seattle area.

Our main goal is to fix and maintain our client’s appliances in a FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT manner. OUr company takes a “systems” view and concentrates on improving all segments of your refrigerator repair. We don’t just reuse the manufacturer’s repair procedures; we assess each repair separately and ensure clear communication throughout the experience to guarantee that you receive the services you deserve.



Sub-Zero Viking Repair gives professional repairs to both commercial and residential appliances of ALL brands and models. Our team of technicians can give an assortment of repair techniques focused on your specific needs. Of course, we keep our customer experience at the highest while going above manufacturer’s standards for refrigerator repair in Seattle.


Thanks for reading, and we hope that you will choose Sub-Zero Viking as your refrigerator repair contractor.

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