Refrigeration Maintenance: Save money

Save Money with maintenance from Sub-Zero Viking Repair!

A compelling and productive refrigeration repair begins with the correct plan. With 27 years of refrigeration repair experience, our team factory certified repairman are masters in their field.

Give Sub-Zero Viking Repair a chance to team up and fix your appliance and wash away your worries in a FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT manner. By choosing Sub-Zero Viking Repair as your refrigerator repair contractor, you receive peace of mind, because we are not biased towards any brand or model. We ensure to bring you end to end happiness with what your goals are for the repair.

You may have had to put a ton of cash in your refrigerator and its repair, especially if it is a high-end refrigerator repair or commercial refrigerator repair. But don’t be led astray, Sub-Zero Viking Repair keeps its prices lower than most of its competitors. And while you’re at it, why not have a professionally licensed company fix your troubles?


We save YOU money!

Sub-Zero Viking Repair provides you with refrigerator repairman specifically tailored to your needs, in order to have the most efficient, and inexpensive repair possible. We apply this strategy to all areas of our expertise, ranging from regular refrigerators, coolers up to commercial grade Sub-Zero Viking refrigerators, freezers and coolers. As a result, you get a professional diagnosis that upon your approval, translates into a licensed repair. This, in turn, gives you endless satisfaction and worry-free enjoyment of your refrigerator’s amenities.


Maintenance: Don’t forget it.

Sub-Zero Viking Repair has the capabilities to provide not only repairs but competent refrigerator maintenance as well. We recommend our maintenance sessions every 6 months, to eliminate small problems, and prevent the development of others. Furthermore, since we are neutral to all brands, we keep our prices as low as possible, while maintaining quality.


Thanks for reading, and we hope that you will choose Sub-Zero Viking as your refrigerator repair contractor.

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