Why choose Sub-Zero Viking Repair for your high-end appliance?

Sub-zero repair seattle
At Sub-Zero Viking Repair, we specialize in many different high-end repairs. Some of these include Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, Wolf range repair, DCS range repair, and Viking refrigerator repair. With us, you can be rest assured to receive the best Viking refrigerator repair in the greater Seattle Area. Sub-Zero and Viking appliances are the top of the line in the cooling industry.

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Professional Viking Refrigerator Repair Technicians

Our company employs the most professional technicians who have years of experience in the industry. Our team relies on teamwork and trust to get the job done. We are a factory certified company, meaning we will bring only the best care to you and your Sub-Zero and/or Viking. We strive for perfection in our top-notch service, high-quality parts, and the best prices, only for you. Whatever you are looking for in a Sub-Zero, Viking repair, we have it!

Highly Experienced Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Our company consists of dedicated personnel who have been repairing Sub-Zero refrigerators and Viking refrigerators with care for many years. We have been providing Sub-Zero repairs all over the greater Seattle area, and Viking repairs as well. Our technicians focus on a niche variety of appliances, mainly being Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ranges, Viking refrigerators, Viking ranges, and DCS ranges.

Affordable Prices for Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

We provide our services at what we see as reasonable prices for the professionalism of our repair. In the majority of repairs, we meet or even beat the manufacturer’s repair prices. In addition to being cheaper than the manufacturer, you will also receive your repair faster than the manufacturer will even be able to respond to your need. Since you have spent the time and money on a high-end appliance such as a Wolf, Viking, or Sub-Zero, it’s logical for you to receive the proper professional care you need. Don’t hesitate because we have what you deserve.

Smarter to repair, than purchase a new appliance

It is much cheaper and logical to repair your refrigerator, freezer with Sub-Zero Viking Repair than to purchase another appliance. High-end gadgets will always be expensive and not an everyday purchase, so why waste money, when you can get the same quality for less, and faster. In some cases, your original Sub-Zero or Viking refrigerator may actually be better than the newer models. And if you have a built-in freezer such as Thermador, or Sub-Zero, the hassle of removing the old freezer, and reinstalling a new one is unthinkable! Also, think about what you will do with your previous refrigerator. You certainly won’t be able to just dump it on the streets, and utility companies will most likely charge money for the shipping and reinstallation.

Don’t struggle, choose Sub-Zero Viking Repair as your refrigerator repair contractor. You can call us at (206)-456-4344 or make an appointment.

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